Class 21: Workshop/Peer Review 2

Before class

  1. Ensure that each member of the group has a copy of the draft.
  2. Each group member should have a working knowledge of the intro and all primary sources (even if they didn’t work on a particular section).
  3. Share your current draft (Draft 2) with Prof. Heather (
  4. Make sure your laptop or tablet is charged and ready for use.
  5. OPTIONAL: You’ll be working with the same classmate again for Peer Review 2. If you want to share your draft with them before class, you may do so.

When you come to class

Please sit with your partner from the last peer review section. If they are not here – or you were not present for Peer Review 1 – come see me (Prof. Heather).

As you begin feedback, update your partner on what has changed and what you most need help with at this point.

Use the Peer Review Questions 2 document to guide your feedback.

When in doubt, refer to the New Project Guidelines document.

After class

Complete the Individual Feedback form listed below. The form is meant to give me a sense of how things are going in your group.

You are not grading your peers. I’d just like to know what’s going well or what isn’t. You can also ask me for specific assistance with any group issues.