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Welcome students & visitors! Hello World Civ is the class website for an intro-level World Civilizations course. All class materials – including announcements, readings, slides, and activities – for the Spring 2019 semester can be found on this site.

End of Semester Links

Course Evaluations: https://sunyub.smartevals.com/

Project Individual Feedback 2: https://forms.gle/JiWd1SE7YkMFNmZC8

Project Shortcuts for Students

UPDATED: Project Guidelines

  • To be reviewed during Class 18

Quoting, Citing & Paraphrasing Tips

Project Topics

Consultation Schedule & Selected Topics

  • Please see email & attached document from Prof. Heather on 25 Feb.

Video Resources!

  • Check out the AVON database in UB Libraries (60,000 audio/visual files – including loads of useful documentaries)
  • The Great Courses
    • Lecture series from experts and academics, including an extensive collection of world history series.
    • Contact Prof. Bennett for more info about free trial options/codes.

Primary Sources

  • Fordham’s Internet History Sourcebook collection is a good place to start
    • The sourcebooks are divided geographically and then into time period & theme
    • Just make sure you’re within the time period recommended for your topic (do pay attention to dates)
  • Archive.org is fully open source and often has translations of primary source texts.
    • The translations tend to be a bit old.
    • Check the dates and try to find the most recent.

For work completed by students in previous semesters, please see the blog posts on helloworldciv.squarespace.com.