Class 16: Peer Review 1

Prep for Peer Review

Ground Rules for Peer Review

We’ll construct these together as a class before dividing into pairs.


Share your name, a fun fact about you, and the worst movie you’ve ever seen.

Instructions for Peer Review:

  1. Discuss together what kind of feedback each person needs. What areas do each of you feel weakest in when it comes to the project? What comments would be most useful?
  2. Add your peer’s email address to the share settings in your Google Doc. Give them permission to comment or edit.
  3. Once you have your peer’s document & permission to edit, read the Peer Review Questions Google Doc. (You can make a copy if you like.)
    • Seriously. Read the document before you make a single comment.
  4. Now you may comment on the document.
    • Follow the ground rules established at the beginning of class.
    • Use the Peer Review Questions.
    • Add comments that help your partner in the way they asked.
  5. Once both reviewers have finished commenting, talk through the comments together.
    • Ask questions if you don’t understand a comment.
  6. If time allows, brainstorm together how you could fix any problems identified.

Exit Activity