Class 13: Hatshepsut Discussion + MIni Project Intro

Due for Class


Read the four documents listed in Class 13 Readings (Google Drive Folder; View-Only. Make a copy of documents to mark-up.)

  • Excerpt from W.C. Hayes, The Scepter of Egypt (vol II), 1959. (Word count: 1141)
  • Excerpt from Alan Gardiner, Egypt of the Pharaohs, 1961. (Word count: 1126)
  • Excerpt from Emily Teeter, “Hatshepsut: Wearer of the Royal Uraeus”, 1990. (Word count: 1563)
  • Excerpt from Kara Cooney, The Woman Who Would Be King, 2014. (Word count: 1429)

Optional: If you want a look at the originals that these excerpts are from, you can view and/or make copies of the original texts here: Hatshepsut Originals (Google Drive Folder; View Only. Downloads available.).

Discussion Questions

Hatshepsut Narratives Discussion Questions (Google Doc, View Only. Sign in to make a copy)


Class 13 Slides:

For whole class debrief (not small-group discussion):

Class Outline

  • New groups!
  • Small group discussion
  • Whole class debrief
  • Mini-Project Intro
  • Announcements