Class 03: Historical Significance

Before Class

  1. Download Adobe Digital Editions (for laptops) if you prefer to read things as scrollable PDF/EPUB instead of flipping pages online
    • If you typically use your mobile or a tablet instead, you can download Bluefire Reader instead.
      • Unfortunately many texts are not optimized for mobile viewing, so you may find it easier to read online.
  2. Have a sense of who you’d like to work with for classes 3-5
    • Groups will contain 4-6 people each (no more no less, please)
  3. Sit with your preferred group-mates when you arrive in class


Class 3 Slides:

Class Outline

  1. Activity Outline & Purpose
  2. Activity set-up
    • What to download (see below)
    • Group names too – cheesy, but useful for camaraderie and keeping track of spreadsheets. 🙂
  3. Dive into Day 1 of the Textbooks + Significance Activity!

Downloads for Textbooks + Significance Activity

All documents will prompt you to sign into your email account and then make a copy of the file:

Significance Activity: Overview [UPDATED LINK for Class 5](One per person or a group copy to share)

  • Contains instructions & an overview of the entire in-class project

Significance Activity: Resources (Newest Version as of 3:15 pm, 3 Sept) (No need to download – just click link an use for reference.)

  • Contains links to the textbooks/resources we’ll use for this activity

Significance Activity: Slide Deck (Newest Version, 3:15 pm, 3 Sept (One per group)

Things To Find Spreadsheet (One per group + one spreadsheet per resource – if you have two resources, make two copies of the spreadsheet)

Reflection Questions (One per person; these are due by the start of Class 5)