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Twitter Activity: Participation Plan

Activity Intro

Participation is one of the trickiest things to grade in a course because it's such an individualized effort. Some of you are great at speaking in class. Some of you are excellent listeners. Some of you shine in written, online discussions.

The Participation section of the Assessments page outlines expectations for participation in the course - but there's a lot of room for individual expression too. So. Some reflection about your participation plans is in order.

Task to Complete

In one tweet, begin to answer the question, What will participation look like for you this semester?  

  • Do your best to use all 280 characters.
  • Please include the hashtags #hwc111 and #participlan so there's an easy way to view everyone's ideas.
  • Feel free to include a video or image if this helps summarize your ideas.
  • Feel free to be creative - you can write a poem, play with abbreviations, provide a quote... Anything that sums up your hope for participation this semester.
  • This is a preliminary plan for participation. YOU MAY REVISE AT ANY TIME.
  • If you wish to revise or expand at any point, just hit reply (the arrow button) to your own tweet. Delete your username. Add the text of your new plan. (This is called a threaded tweet.)

Getting Started

To get started, you might think about the following questions:

  • What strengths do you bring to conversations, in person or online?
  • What is the most difficult way for you to participate? Would you like to challenge yourself to participate in this way?
  • How might participation in the course help you practice or gain a new skill?
  • What would you like me to notice about your participation skills/style?

Feel free to use or revise the suggested forms of participation (see first link) from the class website. Tweets are due anytime before Class 3, where we'll spend some time clarifying and further discussing participation during the class meeting.