Southeast Asia Activity

Primary Sources and Discussion Question Activity

The DQ activity for this class is a collaborative webquest. Together, you will compile images from Southeast Asian civilizations between 500 and 1500 CE to form curated electronic galleries. Here's how this works:

1.) Explore images from the online galleries listed below. I'd encourage you to explore at least two of the galleries before settling on an image to share.

2.) Choose ONE image from ONE civilization that intrigues you and (preferably) has not yet been shared by a peer.

3.) Share this image on Twitter using a hashtag appropriate to the civilization or kingdom the image comes from (e.g., #angkor, #sukhothai, etc.)

5.) Include the date the object was made. Make sure the object was created between 500 and 1500 CE.

6.) Tell us why you think the object is interesting or significant - to you or more generally to history. (Feel free to thread your tweets if you're running out of room...)

Online Galleries

The Cultural Institute (British Museum): Keyword search for Indonesia, Cambodia, Burma/Myanmar, or Thailand. Click the "refine" button on the site to choose a date range. (In this case, the relevant range is 500-1500 CE.) You can then click on individual images to explore stories, details, and zoom options for the image.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: This will give you some background information as well. The link takes you to info and art for 500-1000 CE; click forward on the timeline at the top of the page to view info and images for 1000-1400 CE.

Art Institute of Chicago: Explore the museum's collection of Southeast Asian Art.

The Victoria and Albert: I've plugged in the date range for you. You'll need to keyword search for Indonesia, Cambodia, Burma/Myanmar, or Thailand.

The Smithsonian - Freer and Sackler Galleries: There are lots of browse and search features here that reward some trial and error.