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Slides for Class

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Prep for Class

Group B: Last PST activity

Primary Sources and Discussion Question Activity (Due at the start of class)Class 24: SEA PST Activity

Full details are in the activity, so do read carefully...

Optional Reading

  • TEAIP: Chapter 6, "Southeast Asia," 149-154; Chapter 14, "Tropical Africa and Asia," 329-333, 342.

Materials for Class

Entry Tweet (to be completed on arrival in class)

  • On Twitter or via Tweetdeck, using #hwc111 #c24:
    • Woot! We finally made it to the part of the world that includes Singapore! I could be wrong, but I'm guessing that means you already know a little about the history of this regions. So...
    • If you were teaching today, tell me the one or two things you would absolutely want your classmates and prof to know about the history (histories) of the countries that comprise SEA? 
      • Or just tell me any one or two things you remember from previous history classes about SEA. That works too :)


The OVERALL GOAL is to see if you can connect artistic and religious trends across the cultures of Southeast Asia that we're studying today. Some of the connections are obvious; some may be more subtle. Here's what we're up to:

1. We'll divide into groups based on the location of the objects submitted (i.e., everyone who submitted a #angkor image will work together).

  • Group A people - I'll divide you up to work with the Group B people.

2. Ask one person in the group to make a list of the titles of the objects Group B classmates submitted. You can toss everything into a Google Sheet, Google Doc, or Google Slides, if that's helpful.

3. Next, organize the collection chronologically from earliest to latest artifact.

4. Begin looking for similarities between the images submitted by your group mates. What are the commonalities across the images?

5. Look for differences next. In particular, is there any change over time?

Exit Tweet (to be completed at the end of class)

  • On Twitter or via Tweetdeck, using #hwc111 #c24, tell me who or what you thought was significant in today's class AND why you thought the person, thing, or idea was significant.