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Slides for Class

Class 6: Emergence of Monotheism:

Prep for Class

Read Excerpts from Genesis  

Tweet your comments/questions/quotes. Include the tags #hwc111 and #c05. Remember that quoted retweets and replies can count toward your credit.

Due: Tweets are expected from Group A this time around. Deadline is the start of class.

Grading: Tweets are graded for completion, as always.

Must Read

No Crash Course this time, but our discussion of Judaism will make a lot more sense if you read a primer on the religion & it's history. I recommend you read ONE (not all) of the following resources:

  • Patheos Religion Library: Judaism - “Overview”, “Beginnings,” “Influences,” “Sacred Texts,” and “Sacred Narratives (Plus any other sections that are of interest to you)
  • Khan Academy: Judaism: An Introduction; Jewish History to the Middle Ages
  • BBC Religions: Judaism: "At a glance," "History" (minus "British Jews" and "Readmission"), and "Texts" are the most relevant sections. You do not have to read everything, but do take some time to explore and get a sense of the important aspects of the religion.

Optional Reading:

TEAIP: Review Chapter 2, "New Kingdom Egypt" (esp. Akhenaten); Read Chapter 2, "Israel", 43-47.

In-Class Activities

There are designated times for tweeting throughout class (entry and exit tweets), BUT you're always welcome to tweet more frequently. I'll keep an eye on the class hashtag via Tweetdeck, so feel free to add questions, comments, links, images, interesting stuff throughout class.

Entry Tweet (to be completed on arrival in class; preferably w/in first 20 minutes)

  • Let's review. Based on what you read in preparation for today's class, what were some of the important beliefs, practices, or texts associated with Judaism? (#hwc111 #c05)

Exit Tweet (to be completed at the end of class or w/in a half hour of class ending)

  • On Twitter or via Tweetdeck, tell me who or what you thought was significant in today's class AND why you thought the person, thing, or idea was significant. (#hwc111 #c05)