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Class 1: Intro To History & Class Details


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Syllabus Exploration + Scavenger Hunt

Intro to History + History of Me (if time)

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 Charles Meynier, Clio, Muse of History via  Wikimedia Commons .  An imperious looking woman with angelic wings and flowing Grecian robes holds a stylus and prepares to write on a tablet.

Charles Meynier, Clio, Muse of History via Wikimedia Commons.

An imperious looking woman with angelic wings and flowing Grecian robes holds a stylus and prepares to write on a tablet.

Part 1: Welcome & Syllabus Details

Welcome to UGC 111

Intro to the course website

Groups for today + Group Selfies

Syllabus Scavenger Hunt (Opens a Google Form in a new window)

Part II: Introduction to History

If Time

In this course, we'll define history and historical practice as:

Evidence-based (rooted in documents, artifacts, and research)

Interpretive (impacted by the perspectives of an author)

Dynamic (the way history is told changes over time)

Class Activity: History of Me

Full instructions are in the slides, but here's the basics.

In this activity, you will create at timeline of important events from your life using the following steps:

  1. Brainstorm any events you can think of (try to think of at least 10-12).
  2. Narrow the list to the 6 most significant events.
  3. List your evidence - how would you prove each event happened?
  4. Share your events and evidence with the person next to you.

We'll debrief as we go. The goals of this exercise are:

  1. To think about how selection affects the narrative
  2. To consider how "significant" is an idea open to interpretation
  3. To begin investigating the connections between evidence, facts, and interpretation in history

Personal Info

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Class 2: Intro II

  • Icebreakers
  • Blogging Project Details
  • Info about groups + topics
  • Creating the Comments Rubric
  • Blogging Project Q&A


  • Review Blogging Project in Assessments
  • Read Blogging Project Resources (esp. Blog Post: Full Details) 
  • Jot down questions about Blogging Project