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Slides for Class

No slides for today :) Though it might be helpful to review the slides from last class for reference.

Questions for Discussion:

I will print copies for the "inner circle", but you may wish to have a copy open on your tablet, laptop, or phone as well.

Potential/Guiding Questions for the Dhammapada

Potential/Guiding Questions for the Bhagavad Gita

Prep for Class

Group A: Read and tweet (#hwc111 #c11a)

Group B: Read and tweet (#hwc111 #c11b)

Please arrive in class with digital or printed copies of the texts you've read and/or any notes you think might be helpful for discussion.

Class Discussion: Twitter Fishbowl

What it is:

A discussion among students. A practice in engaged listening. A melting-pot of in-person and online discussion.

How it works:

We will form two sets of circles - one for the Hindu texts, one for the Buddhism texts.

In each set of circles there will be an inner circle of about 8-15 people (depending on class size) and an outer circle comprised of the rest of the group.

The inner circle will talk with one another about the texts. I'll have questions typed up that you can use as guides, but feel free to insert your own based on your tweets the night before class.

The outer circle will listen to the discussion and/or tweet their thoughts about the discussion. (Conversation will occur online rather than out loud to minimize noise level in the room...) These tweets can respond directly to the in-person conversation OR can begin a different conversation on Twitter.

Tweets should include #hwc111 and #c11a or #c11b, depending on which circle you're in.

Switching Circles

You should plan to take a turn in both the inner and outer circles at least once during the discussion. To join the opposite circle, simply stand up and tap someone on the shoulder to switch places with them.

I (your prof) will remain in the outer circles of the discussions most of the time and will keep an eye on/jump into the Twitter discussions occasionally. I'll be subject to taps in or out of the inner circle as well. The object is for you to speak primarily with each other, not so much with me during this activity. 

At least this is the plan. Let's see how it goes.

Materials for Class

Entry Tweet (to be completed on arrival in class)

  • No entry tweet - we have some set up to do...


  • Please tell me you thoughts on the Twitter fishbowl. What worked? What didn't?
  • There will be some time in class to share together OR you can DM me after the class.

Exit Tweet (to be completed at the end of class)

  • Who or what was most significant today? Why?