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Slides for Class

To view & download slides:

Prep for Class

No reading due today. This will be a lecture class.

However, both groups will have reading/Twitter questions due for Class 11. It might be good to get started on the reading a little early...

Optional Reading

  • TEAIP: Chapter 4, "Challenges to the Old Order: Jainism and Buddhism" and "Indian Imperial Expansion and Collapse", 139-144, 144-149
  • TEAIP: Chapter 6, "The Indus Valley Civilization," "Foundations of Indian Civilization," and "The Rise of Hinduism", 133-139 and 141-144.

Watch for Class

Materials for Class

There are designated times for tweeting throughout class (entry and exit tweets), BUT you're always welcome to tweet more frequently. I'll keep an eye on the class hashtag via Tweetdeck, so feel free to add questions, comments, links, images, interesting stuff throughout class.

Entry Tweet (to be completed on arrival in class)

  • On Twitter or via Tweetdeck (#hwc111 #c10)
    • What was something that surprised you, added to your knowledge, or changed your perspective in the Crash Course videos assigned for today.

Exit Tweet (to be completed at the end of class)

  • On Twitter or via Tweetdeck, using #hwc111 #c10, tell me who or what you thought was significant in today's class AND why you thought the person, thing, or idea was significant.