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Gradebook Privacy Policy

About the App

The Gradebook App used for UGC 111 was created by Anthony Schmidt with the help of Stack Exchange contributors. The full code and process of creation can be found in the post titled "The Ultimate Google Gradebook."

Privacy Policy

Personal Information

To use the app, an individual must provide me (the course instructor) with an email address. The person then must sign in to that email address in their browser window in order to access the app.

Without access to this email address and the associated sign-in information, an individual cannot access the app or any personal information associated with it.

Who can see the grades?

The grades (and personal information) that appear in the spreadsheet are pulled from a master sheet containing all grades and student email addresses for the semester. However, only the course instructor has access to the full spreadsheet.

Individuals using the app can only see their own information and grades.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about the app, please feel free to contact Heather Bennett (the course instructor) via the form below:

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