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Sample Posts from Past Semesters

The following are some of the most skillful posts from past semesters. I also recommend checking out "Best of the Blog" for other examples of solid posts.

Please Note: You are welcome to use a format not sampled here! This isn't a comprehensive list - just a place to start.


Organizing the Post: Outline + Delegate

This post can feel like a ton of work and time goes too fast. To stay on top of things, here's what I suggest:


Brainstorm first all of the tasks that will need to be accomplished for this post. Create a shared checklist in Google Docs, Evernote, Apple Notes, or whatever you're most comfortable using. Use Slack if you want a more thorough-going platform for messaging, files, and organization.

Decide who will accomplish which tasks. Set tentative deadlines. Meet those deadlines!

For Content: 

Brainstorm key ideas together as a group. Once your main points are settled, start with an outline similar to what you created for Post 1.

Include a tentative thesis statement about the topic's importance to history. Construct basic topic sentences and add some of your evidence/specific examples.

For Creativity: 

What is the main point of your project? How will you communicate that point through your media/medium?

Figure out who knows how to work the media you're using. Decide if they need someone to help them handle that media. If so, take time to teach/learn the media.

Be aware of your flow - video transitions, the aesthetics of your images, the internal logic of your story, etc.

Make a wishlist for images, video, audio - but be flexible and creative. Not everything is Public Domain or Creative Commons.

Learning New Skills

Here's the Basics: Google everything. Ask your prof. Find tutorials & support pages. Leave time to learn.

Everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to technology. This post is, therefore, a chance to step outside your comfort zone and learn something new!

I (your prof) can recommend tools that will help you accomplish your goals for the project. I can also help you navigate most media platforms. If I don't know the answer, I'll do my best to help you find it.

A high degree of independence and curiosity is useful for learning new skills, though. I encourage you to extensively use the tutorials, help, and support sections available for every platform and across the web. 

Most help services also run a Twitter account where they can answer brief questions quickly. Feel free to reach out using your class Twitter account!

Finally, make sure you give yourself time. Digital projects often take longer than expected, so do try to work ahead. (I'm looking at you, fellow procrastinators).

Revising Post 2

Be prepared to make big changes! Last semester, students found they needed to change audio that wasn't Public Domain/Creative Commons, add a different type of citations, re-paraphrase big chunks of their scripts, and re-record their podcast for better audio or content.

Yup. Tedious and often a pain. BUT this gives you good experience at revising big projects as well as additional practice with your media. If that's any comfort...