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Slides for Class

To view and download a copy of the slides:

Prep for Class

Read Excerpts from The First Life of St. Francis (Thomas of Celano)

Tweet your comments/questions/quotes. Include the tags #hwc111 and #c19. 

Due: Tweets are expected from Group B this time around.

Grading: Tweets graded for completion, with the expectation that you will do your own quality control. 

Optional Reading

  • TEAIP: Chapter 10, "The Western Church" and "Western Europe Revives," 240-244, 247-52 and Chapter 13, "Rural Growth and Crisis," 307-318 (esp. 316-317).

Watch for Class

Materials for Class

Entry Tweet (to be completed on arrival in class)

  • On Twitter or via Tweetdeck, using #hwc111 #c19:
    • Medieval Europe shows up all the time in pop culture. So. What is your favorite book, game, film, or other pop culture piece set in the Middle Ages?

Exit Tweet (to be completed at the end of class)

  • On Twitter or via Tweetdeck, using #hwc111 #c19, tell me who or what you thought was significant in today's class AND why you thought the person, thing, or idea was significant.