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Slides for Class

To View and Download a PDF of the slides:

Prep for Class

Read Clement of Alexandria, "Letter to the Newly Baptized" and Letters of Pliny and Emperor Trajan.

Tweet your comments/questions/quotes. Include the tags #hwc111 and #c17. Remember you can quote and reply to tweets from each other.

Due: Tweets are expected from Group B this time around. Please complete one tweet related to Pliny/Trajan and one related to Clement

Grading: Tweets graded for completion, with the expectation that you will do your own quality control. 

Optional Reading

  • Chapter 5, "Rome's Creation of a Mediterranean Empire," 107-117.

Watch for Class

Materials for Class

Entry Tweet (to be completed on arrival in class)

  • On Twitter or via Tweetdeck, using #hwc111 #c17, provide a tweet in answer to ONE of the prompts below:
  1. A review would be helpful today. Provide a "takeaway" from the previous class to refresh our memories. 
  2. Any questions leftover from last class? About the Republic? The transition to Empire? The Empire? Feel free to retweet a question I missed from last class or follow up with a new one.

Exit Tweet (to be completed at the end of class)

  • On Twitter or via Tweetdeck, using #hwc111 #c17, tell me who or what you thought was significant in today's class AND why you thought the person, thing, or idea was significant.