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L01 Class 4: Egypt & Mesopotamia

Due for Class

Read: The Birth of Hatshepsut

  • This is the reading to use for your pre-class response.
  • Read the text carefully, all the way through.
  • Then, follow the instructions in the pre-class responses section of the Assessments page. (Linked below.)
  • Your quote should be from the black portion of the text, not from the blue Prof's Notes.

All Students: Pre-Class Response Due

Watch for Class

Agenda for Class

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Discussion: Birth of Hatshepsut

Discussion Questions:

  1. According to this text, why does Hatshepsut have a right to rule Egypt (despite the existence of a ruler already - Thutmose III)? 
  2. This text is partly describing why Hatshepsut is a good pharaoh. What characteristics and statements in the text prove that she is a good ruler for Egypt?
  3. How would you describe the relationship(s) between deities and humans in this text? 
  4. Who do you think is the audience for this text? Who is Hatshepsut trying to convince that she is the rightful ruler? (The answer isn’t in the text - you’ll need to use your powers of deduction) 

Content: Mesopotamia


Thumbnail Image: The Weighing of the Heart, from a Book of the Dead (British Museum)

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