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L01 Class 3: Human Origins & Egypt

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Content: Human Origins (continued)

Discussion: Creation Myths

The Separation of Heaven and Earth (Maori)

  • Written record: 1840s/1850s CE.
  • The Maori likely arrived in New Zealand between 1300 and 1500 CE; most recent theories suggest the Maori are descendants of Polynesian explorers.)

Marduk Creates the World From the Spoils of Battle (Babylonia) 

  • Written record: c. 1900-1500 BCE
  • Story's oral tradition may be older.

Two Brothers and Their Grandmother (Seneca Nation) 

  • Written record: 1890s CE
  • The Seneca people's history reaches back to 12,000-17,000 BP

Content: Ancient Egypt


Thumbnail Image: Noah McMillan, Creation Myths (Smithsonian)