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L01 Class 2: Icebreakers & Discussion Activity

Re-Meet Icebreaker

Pair up with someone you met yesterday but whose name you don't remember.

Take a moment to reintroduce yourselves.

Share your name, major, year in the program plus something interesting you've read, seen, or watched in the last month. 

Reception Line

Purpose: To increase comfort speaking to new people. To begin the process of getting to know other students in the course.

Description: We'll form two sets of two lines facing each other. Begin by standing across from your partner.

Once everyone is in line, I'll start a timer for two minutes. Take turns talking with one another by asking and answering questions from the handout for the two minutes.

You don't need to ask the questions in any particular order. You can also ask follow-up questions that aren't on the list.

When the two minutes are up, members of the lines near the windows and doors will move one person to the left. If you're at the end of the line, circle down to the other end.

History of Me

Purpose: To introduce three historical concepts: historical significance, context, and interpretation.

Description: In this activity, each person in the class will create a timeline of their life comprised of six events. Timelines will be shared in pairs with other students and then discussed based on questions provided by Prof. Heather.

Full instructions will be provided on the class slides.

Content: Human Origins

Click the link to view and download a PDF copy of the slides:


Thumbnail Image: By Anonymous - Camille Flammarion, L'Atmosphère: Météorologie Populaire (Paris, 1888), pp. 163, Public Domain

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