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What If Religious Figures Had A Voice Of Their Own?

Hey there folks! We have come to the last blogpost of the semester! Throughout this module, we have been given a greater insight into the culture, economics and philosophy of the various religions. What this post aims to do is to provide a recap of certain main values and beliefs that characterise each religion as well as point out distinctions amongst them.   For starters, here is a timeline of religions across the range of 10000 BCE to 1500 CE...

Religious Timeline from 10000 BCE to 1500CE

However, we won’t be typing a whole long-drawn essay comparing these religions. That would be too boring isn’t it? So what other better way to do it than through a more engaging platform, which I can safely say that majority (if not all) of us are familiar with – Facebook!

Six major religious figures from each of these religions - Confucianism, Legalism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, have been portrayed as active Facebook users showing their support for one another or in some cases, even starting a flame war! Given the interactive and informal/casual nature of this social media platform, it allows the unique personality of each character to be brought out through the tone of voice, use of words as well as harnessing the features of Facebook such as the ‘like’ button.

Here are the following conversations they will have on each of their Facebook profile:


Abraham - Founder of Judaism


Siddharta - Founder of Buddhism


Confucius - Founder of Confucianism


Qin Shi Huang - Founder of Legalism


Jesus - Founder of Christianity


Prophet Muhammad - Founder of Islam

After enjoying the posts and comments posted by these figures if they had Facebook, doesn’t this bring them one step closer to our hearts? It is more relatable to understand their values in layman’s terms, as many of them preach their values in a condensed and sometimes difficult way.

We hope you learnt more about the different world religions from this post. Though they may seem distinct in their own rights, their values and beliefs do interact to create the world we are in today. Hope you had a good laugh while reading this!


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