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Weddings for the Dead

written by Ruolan & Candice


The crux of our 3rd blog post is about "Ghost Marriages". This is a practice of marriage in which one party or both parties are dead. It began in China and spread throughout the regions of Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The origins are unknown but there are multiple cases of this practice being performed today.  

Our business  "Wedding and Co." will be used to demonstrate the different types of practices and how it influenced Japan and Korea, as well as, any remnants of modern practices.




Marriage is said to be a ceremony that allows you to be with someone who can bring you eternal happiness for life. On the other hand, ghost marriage to many might be seen as an outworn custom and an objectionable habit to people. We must see the underneath meaning of this tradition and how it affects other’s mind and soul. The relatives or mostly parents of the deceased want their unmarried children (sometimes even married) to not be alone in the afterlife. Their children may have been alone in the world of the living, hence, at least after death they will have a counterpart to help them in their journey to the afterlife. It would seem that these parents would be put at ease and sense of closure.  

Not only that, how this custom becoming popular in certain countries such as Japan, selling of corpse for such forms of marriage making it worth to be thought about. This topic might seen as irrelevant to many for now, it might becoming a social concern in the future regardless due to economic factor or psychological factor.


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