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We "Vow" to make your wedding great again!

By: Rukman Singh, Keane Lim, & Gina Ng

Getting married, or looking to get married? At "Vow Wedding Planners", we make YOUR special day all the more beautiful~

We specialize mainly on Germanic and Indian marriages during 500CE-1500CE, and we offer these themes for all modern-day couples who wish to spice up their weddings! Through Vow wedding planners, you can create a once in a lifetime experience for your wedding! Take a look from our video, which features one of our recent couples who came in for a consultation for her wedding in December. We will introduce to you the different customs and practices - food, dressing, and rituals - brides and grooms in those times go through. Just a heads up:

1) For Germanic weddings, there is no exchange of rings. Brides should not expect a feminine wedding gown as well.

2) For Indian weddings, be prepared for a fire-sacrifice ritual. Unlike what the name suggests, it is less intimidating than you may think.

The only thing you should prepare your heart for is that it might be a culture shock. But, who knows, these weddings may be your cup of (wedding ceremonial) tea!

If you guys are interested and wish to review our services, we have attached a part of our brochure below. Please do refer to the brochure and if you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us! There would be a huge discount if you sign up for our weddings with another couple.

We hope to hear from you soon,


Vow Wedding Planners.

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