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Vietnam: Role of Women

 CiaoHo,  Vietnamese's smile. Soctrang, Vietnam  (27 Jan 2014). CC BY 2.0

CiaoHo, Vietnamese's smile. Soctrang, Vietnam (27 Jan 2014). CC BY 2.0

Vietnamese women? Did they just wear their iconic conical hats, row their boats, and sell their goods like how they do today? Contrary to popular belief that women played a one-dimensional role in ancient Vietnam, Vietnamese women played roles in politics, the economy, and marriage which greatly impacted the Vietnamese culture. This can be seen if we look at the period of ruling by the Trung Sisters and the flourishing economy contributed by women in agriculture from 100 BCE to 43 CE. Click here to find out more!



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CiaoHo, Vietnamese's smile. Soctrang, Vietnam (27 Jan 2014). CC BY 2.0

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