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Tweets from Queen Esther

Hello everyone!

Today I will be introducing to an amazing woman: Queen Esther! Well, being a queen, she's very busy (if not dead), so I'll be showing you some of her tweets from her private Twitter account instead. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

Here are some background knowledge to fully equip you with the ability to appreciate Queen Esther better.

Back in 586 BC, the Jews were captured in Babylon and barred from returning to their homeland, Jerusalem. After approximately 50 years, the ruler Cyrus II freed them from their captivity, but a portion of Jews still remained in Babylon. Queen Esther was one of them, and her story took place when Babylon was under the rule of a Persian King, Xerxes.


Esther (or Hadassah) was described as a beautiful young woman. Her parents died when she was young, and she grew up with her cousin, Mordecai.




We first hear about Esther because King Xerxes was in search of a new queen to replace Queen Vashti. Persian kings usually marry girls from one of the seven aristocratic families in Persia, so it was surprising that Esther was chosen to be queen in the first place. 5



Shortly after Esther was queen, she prevented an assassination of King Xerxes.


"That's just dandy, Grace. But what real contributions did Queen Esther do?" You may be asking.

Well, Queen Esther prevented a Holocaust of the Jews from this official named Haman who wanted to kill all the Jews in the country. She first learnt about this plan through Mordecai, and ordered everyone to fast for 3 days before she sees King Xerxes.



Back in those days, no one can see the King unless they are summoned. Thus, the possibility of Queen Esther getting into trouble was very real.


Thankfully, King Xerxes was not offended! He also agreed to Queen Esther's request.


After an elaborated plan, Haman was ordered by King Xerxes to be impaled on a pole. 14

Queen Esther wanted to make sure that the plan that Haman devised to eradicate all Jews is completely ceased. Thus, with the help of King Xerxes, she gave power to the Jews and impaled all ten sons of Haman.


Coming from the Bible, the story of Queen Esther is seen as a reminder that every thing happens in God's time. Followers believe that Esther was chosen by God from the start to prevent the Holocaust of the Jews, and even though it was difficult to see at times, God's plan came through in the end.

I hope you have learnt a bit more of Queen Esther through this! She does sound cool, doesn't she?

Thanks for reading! :D