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Truth... or Truth??? With Jesus!


Hi guys, ever read or heard stories about things like the Noah's ark or even the crucifixion and wondered wow... how's that even possible? Well, my group members and I have so here's an audio clip of what we envision a conversation with Jesus on these two topics to be like ;) Enjoy! [audio m4a=""][/audio]


A: Hey Jesus! I have a question for you, was Noah’s Ark really real?

Jesus: Yeah of course! Have you heard of the story?

A: Yeah *hesitant* I’ve heard of the story but … I’m not so convinced.

Jesus: Okay, let me start by telling you the story. Noah was a man chosen by me to build an ark in preparation for the Genesis flood. The ark was meant for his family and two of each animal.

A: I guess that sounds legit but *unsure* how is it possible for all the animals to fit on one ark?

Jesus: Well, Noah took 120 years to build the ark that was 450 feet long by 75 feet wide by 45 feet high.  That gives us a total of 1,518,750  cubic feet in space which is comparable to 569 railroad boxcars. So yeah of course it can fit all the animals into one ark.

A: Errr Okay? So we have the ark settled *not convinced* I guess but…  how do I know if the flood actually happened in the first place? Because if it didn’t happen then we don’t really need a boat right?

Jesus: Yeah! you’re absolutely right! *excited* But you know what? I’m not going to prove it to you using my words this time because I know you are not going to believe in me but perhaps you will believe in a well-known underwater archaeologist Robert Ballard. He believes the great flood actually happened because he found substantial evidence to support this! He is currently searching for even more evidence in the Black Sea off the coasts of Turkey!

A: Wow! That’s pretty cool! Ummm… then how about in bible it stated that you actually sweat drops of blood! How is that even possible?

Jesus: It’s possible! It’s actually a rare medical condition called Hematidrosis most commonly reported during extreme bouts of fear or anxiety such as death! This happens when the capillaries around the sweat glands rupture, resulting in the blood exiting the body through the sweat glands. And that actually happened to me at that moment because I knew of the crucifixion that was coming *gradually becoming emotional* I was afraid that’s why *pause* I sweat drops of blood, I was really really scared and fearful of the future. *Overwhelmed sadness*

A: Ahhhh *empathising*… I didn’t know that. Then what about the crucifixion?  What was that all about? Are you able to tell me about it?

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Jesus: Yeah! Umm *thinking*… where should I begin? Okay first, they made me carry my cross to the place of execution which was outside the city. There they whipped me with the flagrum which is kind of like a whip that consists of tiny pieces of bones and metal attached to the end. My skin was ripped out with each lash from the whip.

A: Ouch, that must have hurt a lot…  Then what happened next?

Jesus: Well, next they stripped me and nailed me to the cross. Crucifixion is designed to make the prisoner experience a slow and painful death. Yeah… *recalling bad memories*

A: Wait, that’s all? You’re not going to go into details? *curious* Come on!

Jesus: Well, they first throw me on my back and lay me out across the horizontal part of the cross. This was deliberately done to inflict more pain on the wounds created from the whipping. They then stretch both of my arms out, nails both of my wrists to the cross which then produces excruciating pain in both of my arms

A: Ouch! Oh my word?! *exclaimed*

Jesus: Are you sure you want me to continue? *cautious*

A: Umm.. tell me more?

Jesus: Okay, so next they have to nail my feet to the cross as well. My feet are placed directly on top of each other before they drive a nail through both my feet onto the cross. The cross is then erected and my entire body weight is placed on this 3 points. Breathing is made extremely difficult at this point cause to breathe that will mean I will have to push my body up using both my feet and my arms to unnail to the cross. Plus, I would have wounds on my back from the whip rubbing against the rough surface of the cross… It just makes breathing extremely painful & uncomfortable … so most of us actually die from asphyxia pretty quickly.

A: That’s interesting! So means that there isn’t any way you guys can escape death by crucifixion right? So how do you explain your survival?

Jesus:  I did not survive… I died and rose again three days later.

A: That is impossible *doubtful* Are you kidding me?

Jesus: Haha! Well if you don’t believe me, there are historical records that prove my death and my tomb was actually found empty after that.

A: That doesn’t prove anything… somebody could have shifted your body somewhere else? I don’t know?

Jesus: Well, my followers and disciples can vouch for me. They saw me alive!

A: They ARE your followers and disciples, of course they will support you.

Jesus: Well I’ve told you everything. I guess it’s up to you to interpret and draw your own conclusions. So… what do you listeners think?


&& that's the end of what we think a conversation with Jesus would be like. What do you think? What questions would *YOU* want to ask Jesus? Thanks for reading! or rather ... *listening* ;)