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Troy is a movie adapted from Homer's poem Iliad. The movie is based on the 10 year Trojan war, which occurred as a result of Price Paris of Troy stealing Helen- The Queen of Sparta- and taking her to Troy. The director of the movie has made certain changes to how it was actually written in the book to make it more enjoyable and relatable to today's audience. This podcast will give a glimpse of what Troy was about (the plot), the similarities between Troy and The Iliad, some factual errors observed, as well as an introduction to the main characters in the movie. For a start, the main characters are:

Priam- King of Troy

Achilles- The best Greek warrior whose quest for fame brings him to Troy and even brings with it his doom.

Hector- The elder son of King Priam of Troy and most definitely the Champion of Troy.

Agamemnon- The strongest Greek ruler who used Helen's escape to Troy as an excuse to bring the Greeks to war against Troy.

Brisies- A virgin Priestess of Apollo who was taken by the Greeks during invasion. She and Achilles fall in love.

Helen - The most beautiful Greek woman who was married to Menelaus but falls in love with Paris and escapes with him to Troy.

Menelaus- Agamemnon's younger brother whom Helen was promised to as a wife.

King Odysseus- A veteran Greek known for his wisdom and way with words.

Paris- Younger son of King Priam of Troy who brings war upon Troy by stealing Helen from Menelaus.



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