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The First Triumvirate's Facebook Feud

The First Triumvirate had its fair share of infamy, one known to be more established than his counterparts. We had decided that satirizing the political tensions and threats they posed to one another would prove to be a thoroughly entertaining read. Moreover, there were positive/mutually beneficial times when they celebrated one another's achievements and attained elevated statuses through political unions, for instance via marriage. We did feel that highlighting their tumultuous relationships until the disintegration of this elite 'crew' of leaders and that being delivered through a casual and relatable manner would make learning their history with light-hearted pleasure possible. The following are facebook profiles of each member belonging to The First Triumvirate. They include interactions with one another with explicit attacks via social media(similar to what we are guilty of today) included. The feud is made funny and obvious through such means.

Gnaeus Pompey Magnus

Marcus Licinius Crassus

Gaius Julius Caesar



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