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The City of Carthage

Has anyone ever heard of a city called Carthage? Well, neither did I, till one of my colleagues actually mentioned 'The city of Carthage' in our conversation. It was basically brought up because her husband is Tunisian and he was very determined to state a fact that Carthage is a city in Tunisia! This is because some of us would probably make an assumption that the city of Carthage was actually owned by Rome originally. Carthage was founded originally by a Phoenician queen Elissa around 813 BCE. The city was known initially as "Kart-hadasht" to distinguish it from the older Phoenician city called Utica that was situated nearby. The city of Carthage was one of the many colonial cities spread across the Mediterranean coast.

So how did the city of Carthage actually evolve into one of the cities that was said to have excellent politics? Well, after the fall of the great city of Tyre in 332 BCE, the Tyrians saw the opportunity to seek shelter and start a new life in the city of Carthage. It was then established into a good political city eventually because the Tyrians who escaped or were spared by Alexander the great had enough wealth to build the Carthage empire.

As the Carthaginians carried out necessary tasks in order to build their empire, the city of Carthage became the richest city amongst all the other cities across the Mediterranean coast. Intriguingly, the aristocrats also lived in the biggest palaces in the city of Carthage! Aristotle had written an extensive amount about the politics in the city of Carthage.

However, why did the city of Carthage get destroyed if it was doing so well as a city with good politics?

The battle of Carthage started in the third Punic war involving the Roman republic. This was generally a long process of battling the Romans because the Carthaginians refused to surrender the city over to them and decided to build walls to prevent the Romans from intruding into the city. However, after 2 years in 146 BC, the Romans finally were able to break through the walls that the Carthaginians built and war started once again with many disturbing battles between the Romans and the Carthaginians. Finally, the city of Carthage surrendered and became a part of Rome.

Frankly speaking, there is a whole bunch of information about who was involved in the battle of the city of Carthage and how it was eventually surrendered and if I write everything here, it would be a storybook rather than a blog post. Therefore, personally I think it would be a lot more interesting if we could all read it from the links that I have provided below. Believe me, I never knew about the city of Carthage existing, moreover, aristocrats that lived there for awhile!

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