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By Nur, Liyani and Maria 

 Background Image :  Coffee Background . Author: PellissierJP. [Public Domain]. Via Pixabay. Edited with Canva. 

Background Image : Coffee Background. Author: PellissierJP. [Public Domain]. Via Pixabay. Edited with Canva. 


For our last and final blogpost, we decided to explore…..ancient food menus! Curious about what people ate in the past? Yupp we were too! This blogpost is a collection of various dishes from various civilizations: Roman, Greek and Korean. So, imagine you’re a Roman/Greek/Korean royalty being presented with a plethora of food to choose from and feast away!


All Images edited with Canva. 

At the end of this feast...

Food is essential and central to many cultures. Thus, exploring this area of people's lives allows us to have a better understanding of their culture/religion/geography. Through examining their diet, we see what's important to them, what was available to them, who they traded with and different patterns in different social classes. This gives us a better understanding of the civilization as a whole besides reading their written texts and understanding their pictorial sources. There is meaning behind the food we consume and with that, we conclude our final blogpost with a shoutout to our fellow foodies - FEAST ON!