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Slavery - Then and Now

Hello everyone! One of the questions we often ask ourselves is whether or not we really are better off than people of the past. Most of us are able to reach the conclusion that we are better off. After all, we have technology, human rights and many other concepts that citizens of the ancient world did not. However, is this necessarily true? Check out our blog to find out!


Post: Ancient Greece

Figure 1: Slaves working in a mine of Laurium. Done by: Huesca (2009) Image taken from:

Post: Ancient Rome

Figure 1: Relief from the Arch of Titus in Rome depicting a menorah and other objects looted from the Temple of Jerusalem carried in a Roman triumph Done by: Rita Bay (2012) Image taken from:

Post: Early Islam Arabia

Video: The Message – Bilal Uploaded by: tornistan Retrieved from:

Figure 1: Turkish image of BilalIslam’s first Muezzin, surrounded by Sahaba, but Muhammad is not present Done by: Irishpunktom (2006) Image taken from: