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Qin Shi Huang - Terra Cotta warriors


qin-terracotta-army-13 Why was the terracotta army built?

First Emperor Qin, who died at a young age of 50 in 210 BC was the emperor that unified the state by conquering seven rival kingdoms. He was the emporer from whom China gets its name, first law written, single written language, currency and standard measurement and many others ordered the creation of this army of terracotta statues. His idea was to have them as guards and as aides for a future after-life hence made to be buried with him. Some sources said it was a show of his glory, to remember the army triumphed over the other warring states to unite China.

What is made of? How is it made?

Interestingly the terracotta warriors are made of natural materials found near the tomb of Qin Shi Huang. They material used in the mould of the figurines was ‘yellow earth’ taken from the ground around the tomb, as well as certain amount of white grit is also found in the material. The materials adhesive quality and plasticity structure is said to frontier material technology of that period.

Every one would agree that the details on the terracotta warriors are superbly detailed. Reading from one of the source, it is probably the most consistent art figurine made in that century of 2000 years ago. So how is it made? It is said to have 18 layers of work on each segment of the body.

The terracotta warriors are originally painted in very elaborate shades and colours to signify the stature and profile of the warriors, however the paint did not manage to last the stand of time and oxidised. When the artefacts were found, they were steel grey in their raw material without the glaze and colouring of the bright colourful original painting.

How many types of Terracotta Warriors are there?

For all the warrior fanatics out there, the burning question to know how many types of Terracotta Warriors are there? Till date, 8 variations are discovered, and they are terracotta sergeant, standing position archer, kneeling position archer (shows how much the Chinese military rely on archery as a weapon), warrior, military officer, Terracotta Cavalry, Driver of Chariot, and the general statue.

Where is the Terracotta Army found in China?

The Terracotta warriors andhorses are found 1.5 kilometers parameter of Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Mausoleum in Xi-An, Shaanxi Province. 8000 life size terracotta warriors, 130 chariots with 520 hourses found covers a land area of 22,000 square meters (estimate of 5 football fields)


Fun fact of Terracotta Army?

  • it took 720,000 builders to make the Terracotta army
  • The Army figures excavation is only discovered in 1974, 2000years later, by farmers while digging for a water well. It was found near the Tomb of the First emperor.


Famous people that visited t he Terracotta wariors in Qin Shi Huang’s mausoleum

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