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#OOTD: Grecian Styles from Modern to Ancient


Hey UGC 111ers and Professor Bennett!!!
Since this is our last blog post, we thought of making a timeline which focuses on Greek fashion as a whole. We would be exploring Modern Day Geek Fashion, Ancient Greek Fashion, Mycenaean Fashion and Minoan Fashion. As the last blog has to be creative, we came up with the idea of making a timeline, which concentrates on Greek Fashion as mentioned above. To make our timeline more interesting, it travels back in time.This timeline ranges from the 21st century to 3000 BCE. We would like you to note that our timeline goes from present to past. For example, we know that the Ancient Greek Fashion influences the Modern Day Greek Fashion but our timeline focuses on Modern Greek Fashion before introducing Ancient Greek Fashion, so on and so forth. 

Our timeline focuses mainly on men’s and women’s apparels, hairstyles and footwear. The significance noted, is that Ancient Greek fashion yet influences Modern Day Greek fashion which is appreciated by the world. For example, Greek Fashion is used by fashion designers, in movies, as Halloween costumes and much more.

P.S.- Please ignore the months mentioned on the timeline and remember that the timeline is from the present to the past. :)

Please Click HERE to proceed to the timeline! 



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