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Disney-fied, or Disney-tried? -- Historically Inaccurate Movies: Disney's Mulan

Very few of us actively look for historical errors in a movie. After all, we expect to be entertained and if a little dramatization that deviates from the storyline allows for this, we see it as justifiable.

Disney's Mulan is a great example of that. Most of what made the movie memorable was actually historically untrue -- to name a few: the Huns were not really the enemy that the real Mulan fought, Mushu did not exist (well, of course... he is a dragon, after all) and no one in China speaks with an American accent, and General Shang and Mulan did not fall in love.

In other words, Disney's Mulan was historically inaccurate because it drew inspiration from different parts of China's history to make a new sort of narrative, and Disney had also added their own flair.


We're sorry, Mushu!

We've got to set some things straight before anyone actually thinks that Disney's China is what China's history is truly like.

So, here's our crashED course video, inspired by John Green and his crew, that helps explain it all.


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Disney                                Production of Mulan I
                                           Production of Mulan II
                                            Mulan OST
 Marvel                                Doctor Strange
Zhang Yimou                      The Great Wall
Director                               Julien Lim
Scriptwriter                         Nawirah, Alicia Tay
Video-editing/Audio           Alicia Tay, Kerrie Tay 
Google Images                    Images of Mulan
Gifphy                                   GIFs of Mulan




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