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More than Just Another Pretty Pane

Hello to you, from us, through the looking (stained) glass! The glass windows that we’ll be introducing to you are not just any other pretty panes, but rather, they had extraordinary significance and historical presence, especially during the Medieval era (mainly the 12th and 13th centuries) in Europe. In addition to their awe-striking beauty (which not only is a feast for the eyes but for all the other senses as well), the development of stained glass windows also played a crucial role in promoting and enhancing the Christian religion, back in the days where numerous Gothic cathedrals were being built. In order to give you a clearer depiction of the history and significance of these medieval stained glass windows, we have created an online scrapbook which will take you back through the medieval ages, so that you too may get to experience the magical feelings that one gets while admiring these brilliant works of art (although we can only show you images of stained glass windows, and not the real deal). You’re more than welcome to use your own imagination to picture the vibrancy of the colored glass when light were to shine through, and of course do keep a lookout for amazing stained glass windows, both locally or when you travel overseas (Ask us! We can direct you to the nearest stained glass). By then, you’ll probably have a better sense of these fine works of art and hopefully be able to appreciate them more!


You can view the scrapbook by clicking on the link below:



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