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Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the greatest of them all?

Hello everyone! These days, many magazines publish articles on the top 10 richest people or the top 10 most influential people in the world. We're guessing that you must have read or seen at least one such article before. Hence, we decided that it would be fun and interesting to recreate this in the ancient world.

Throughout this semester, we’ve been learning about the various rulers and their adventures conquering different lands, but have you thought of who is the best one of them all? Or do they all have different unique qualities? Fret not, we’ve picked 5 of the most influential rulers of all time and analysed them based on their qualities.

Integrating modern times with ancient history, feel free to whip out your phones and scan the QR codes at the top of each article. Remember to scan close and make sure the QR code image is in focus. You’ll be led to engaging videos to learn more about these rulers. (Ps: In order to do so, simply download the QRReader app from the app store. It’s free!)  We hope you have an interesting read!

Check out the magazine below!

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Stephenie Allen, Who was Julius Caesar? 2000 years have passed and we're still not sure

Nate Barksdale, 8 surprising facts about Alexander the Great

Sarah Ann Mcgill, Julius Caesar

New World Encyclopedia, Cyrus the Great

Ancient History Encyclopedia, Cyrus II

History, Genghis Khan

Bio, Genghis Khan Biography

Cristian Violatti, Ashoka

Donald James Johnson, The challenge of Ashoka

Joshua J Mark, Alexander the Great

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