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Most of you must be thinking what in the heavenly world is "Kalb"?! Well, Kalb is the term used to describe "Dog" in the Arabian language. That's right! For my final blog post I will be doing a post on dogs in Egypt. I know it's pretty peculiar how I am going to be talking about Egyptian dogs but I am using the word "Kalb" instead. This is because the Arabic language is now the official language in Egypt. However, if we are talking about what the term used to be in the ancient Egyptian language, then dogs would be called "Uher". Alright, now I know some of our classmates have already done blog posts on animals, however, I've been a vet nurse for a long time and I have grown up with dogs since I was a baby. Hence, I would really love to talk about probably the best creatures on earth. Also, according to my mother, I used to be a real pain when I was growing up because I used to pull my dog's ears, thinking it was funny! So, I think I owe it to dogs that I share more about their beautiful power and nature.

Now, when it comes to Egypt, majority of us would assume that cats were the number one animals on the list alongside with the pharaohs. Indeed, that is true. Cats do play an important role in the Egyptian culture. They were worshiped and also used to kill cobras. However, if you notice, all animals were actually admired and worshiped in the Egyptian culture which I really adore because I'm an animal lover!

Alright, so back to the post, cats were seen as of great importance to the Egyptian culture and were mummified in order to accompany or rather serve the Pharaohs in the afterlife. This brings me to my next point. Dogs are of equal importance to the Egyptian culture! Remember how we studied about Anubis? Well if you remember clearly, Anubis had a head of a dog. Therefore, dogs in the Egyptian culture were seen to be connected to Anubis in a certain way. Why? Frankly speaking, I am not too sure about that but my blog post is focusing on what the dogs did in Egypt and how they were treated, therefore, I will leave the question hanging and if you are interested, you can find out more on it.  :)

Dogs in Egypt had several duties to carry out. They were seen as loyal companions to Pharaohs or any family that owned them, they were also as a form of guardians or protectors of their owners or masters and they were used for hunting of food for their masters. Despite all these roles that were supposed to fulfill, their masters still treated them with great value by in a way accessorizing them with jewelry to wear and excellent food to feast on. Let's just say the richer the master, the better the life for the dog.

Similarly, dogs in Egypt were mummified after they passed on. They would be buried with proper accessories in order to continue a good life serving their masters in the afterlife. Personally, this is the best culture by far because I love how the Egyptians treat their animals of great value despite being different species. It shows a lot about a culture. Also, I think that when the Egyptians treat the animals with such importance, the animals themselves would sense the loyalty the humans have for them as well and this shows how deep the bond or relationship is between a master and its' dog. Surprisingly, dogs were not only seen of as great value in Egypt but other countries as well. The link provided  below will describe the other countries and the different cultures on how they value their dogs.

This video is pretty interesting on why so many Egyptians dogs were mummified and found in Anubis's mass grave. Take a look!!



Dogs in the Ancient World by Joshua. J Mark. 21 June 2014