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Hipster musings from a philosopher

 Epicurus  Photo credit: Unknown author,  Epicurus in Thomas Stanley History of Philosophy , 1655, Public Domain


Photo credit: Unknown author, Epicurus in Thomas Stanley History of Philosophy, 1655, Public Domain

You know that one person you follow on social media who is always posting deep stuff? Well, in an alternate universe where history and modern technology merge, Greek philosopher Epicurus has an Instagram! In this universe, he is a cool, artsy hipster who listens to Bon Jovi. How’s that for #relatability?

From random life updates to self-indulgent ramblings, intellectual musings to angry rants, Epicurus lays it all out on his Instagram page. Breaking down Epicureanism for his followers, Epicurus talks about his school, clears up myths about himself, and even talks to us while he is on his deathbed! His fellow philosopher, Marcus Cicero, and one of his followers, Metrodorus of Lampsacus (the younger), chime in on his posts too.

More importantly, Epicurus shows his own importance to history (modesty isn’t his strong point, as you can tell from his posts) by demonstrating the relevance of his ancient philosophy to our modern lives. From politics to freedom, religion to friendship, and human desire to death, we can all learn something from Epicureanism. Maybe history and the 21st century aren’t so far apart from each other after all.

We hope you guys enjoy our group's take on Epicurus! Here’s the link:


P.S. Read the posts beginning from the first one and remember to look out for comments from other philosophers!


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