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(Drop Dead) Beautiful

We bet you’ve in one way or another heard of the four great beauties of Ancient China. If you love Chinese drama series, then their names definitely won’t sound foreign to you at all. Namely Xi Shi, Wang ZhaoJun, Diao Chan and Yang Guifei, these pretty little faces were famous for their alluring beauty. We know, we know… We always think that the roles of women in the past were very limited. But these beauties were really not your typical unprivileged women who held no power and authority. They were the very personification of the phrase “with great beauty comes great responsibility”. Because they were blessed with great beauty, all the four of them had a part to play in political matters. Check out our magazine by clicking on the link below to find out more their stories and how they were involved in politics! We hope you’ll enjoy reading our magazine as much as we had fun doing it! :) CLICK HERE: BELLEZZA SPRING ISSUE #21


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