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Days and Knights Templars


Hi friends! So for this post, I've decided to create a Tumblr blog dedicated to the Knights Templar. The reason why I chose them is because I feel that they are an underrated group of people. They've influenced how we perceive religion today as they pioneered many ideals for holy warriors. In this day where ISIS, Muslim Jihadists is a big issue, I feel that people should know that they were not the first military warriors so they claim to be and this is not the first holy war. As soon as I began my research, I realised that not many people know what the Knights Templar did and why they are important. There were very little helpful and reliable resources found online. The blog also contains several materials produced by other Tumblr users about the Knights Templars as well as fictional accounts created by me on what I think would have been going through the knights' minds during that time. I hope you will take a peek into my short Tumblr blog and maybe interpret the sources I provided there with your own opinions. And don't forget to comment on what you think about these knights! Oh by the way, the reason for the title is that these Knights traveled days and nights to protect pilgrims in their journey across Europe to the Holy Land of Jerusalem.

Link to my blog, just click here!

Preview of what my blog looks like!
Preview of what my blog looks like!