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Blast from the Past!

Hi everyone! We recently made a trip down to the National Museum of Singapore to visit the Treasures of the World exhibition. Having been wanting to visit the exhibition, we thought that this final post would give us the perfect opportunity to explore the exhibition. We decided to use Instagram as a platform for us to give you guys a glimpse of what we saw! Our Instagram username is Here’s the link to our Instagram page: Do visit us and take a look at the pictures!

For the most part, we tried linking the pieces that we saw back to class, and also talking about the influences that each society or culture has on one another. For a few others, we decided to leave them there because they are really interesting on their own. We hope you will learn something from the pictures we posted on our Instagram page! We also hope to spark some interest in you!

If you guys are interested in visiting the exhibition and looking at all these interesting artifacts and more, do make your way down soon because the exhibition ends on 29 May 2016! Have fun exploring! :-) ☺