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A Life Worth $400 Billion

If one were to think about the richest man on Earth, one would immediately think of Bill Gates or Warren Buffet; the modern figures of what it is to be a billionaire. One would definitely not think of Mansa Musa; sultan of Mali. With an estimated net worth of $400 billion, Mansa Musa’s 25-year reign as sultan (1312 - 1337 CE) proved to be highly successful. Bringing economic wealth as well as religious recognition to the empire.

Mansa Musa’s pilgrimage to Mecca made his name well-known through his travels - from spending so much gold in Cairo, Egypt (until the value of it depreciated so much, it only recovered a year later), to being a household name in already developed countries like Spain and India. Upon his return to Mali, Mansa Musa (being a devout Muslim) brought home Arab scholars, architects, and government nobles to help spread and solidify the Islam religion in the empire. Mansa Musa’s wealth allowed him to build universities, libraries, and mosques along the way, spreading the religion through Africa. Furthermore, making Timbuktu the center of the Malian empire proved helpful as this attracted scholars, writers, and artisans - making the region economically attractive.

Despite all his monetary contributions and then renowned pilgrimage, many are not aware of him or his legacy. Due to the lack of people recognizing Mansa Musa as an important figure in world history, many thus do not only overlook the fact that he was such a wealthy man, but also the fact he was a great contributor of cultural achievements. Hence, with awareness in mind, we hope Mansa Musa's and his contributions will be better known through this post. 

Post 1 - Image: Detail from the Catalan Atlas Sheet 6 showing Mansa Musa. Via Wikipedia Commons

Post 2 - Image: The Mighty Moorish Empire of North Africa, South West Asia, Iberian Peninsula and The Americas. Via Wikimedia Commons

Post 3 - Image: The Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, during The Hajj. Via Flickr

Post 4 - Image: Map of the Mali Empire created by Astrokey44. Via Wikipedia Commons

Post 5 - Image: Gold bars created by Agnico-Eagle. Via Wikimedia Commons

Post 6 - Image: New Delhi (India) - Day of the Indian Republic Day in Rajpath, photo by Antônio Milena. Via Wikipedia Commons

Post 7 - Image: Cairo, Egypt by Ben Snooks. Via Wikipedia Commons

Post 8 - Image: Locator map of Riyadh, capital city of Saudi Arabia, created by NormanEinstein.Via Wikipedia Commons

Post 9 - Image: (unnamed). Via Pixabay

Post 10 - Image: Three saddhus at Kathmandu Durbar Square. Via Wikipedia Commons

Post 11 - Image: (unnamed). Via Pixabay

Post 12 - Image: Reich von ghana. Via Wikipedia Commons

Post 14 - Image:  Dutch proverbs, by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Via WIkipedia Commons

Post 15 - Image: TIMBUKTU-EINZUG.jpg. From Wikipedia Commons

Post 16 - Image: Fortier 368 Timbuktu Sankore Mosque. From Wikipedia Commons

Post 17 - Image: Portes de la Mosquée de Sidi Yehia, Toumbouctou. Via Wikimedia Commons

Post 18 - Image: Donkeys, Timbuktu. From Wikipedia Commons

Post 19 - Image: Monday market in Djenne and the Great Mosque of Djenné, Mali. Via Wikimedia Commons

Post 20 - Image: Tomb of Mohammed Tughlaqabadshah. Via Wikipedia Commons



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