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Plain Joan (Jane)

Our last blog post would depict the life of Joan of Arc in Singapore’s modern context, where her life is mapped out akin to how it would be if she was living with us in this time and age. The platform we have chosen is Instagram, in which photos are uploaded as if she is a typical user living in this world of social media. We have researched and marked out significant moments in her life, and placed ourselves in her shoes to illustrate them in the form of an Instagram feed. Unfortunately, due to the new Instagram update, we were not able to backdate the photos, hence. However, we hope that through the images, you would still be able to have an idea of her life.

We sourced for pictures online and created a feed that would reflect the comings and goings of her life. To give a more realistic touch, we also made use of hashtags such as #saynototerrorist and #justmarried. Additionally, we have uploaded the  in accordance to the order her life would take course.

We chose this platform as Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media platform today and it would be an interesting way to map out the life of one of the world’s most well known female warrior.

The link to our instagram feed can be found here

Attached is a brief timeline of the significant activities in her life:


Sources (Photos):

Profile picture:

Toilet: Our own

Hallucinating drawing:

Everyone thinks I am such a happy person:

Church picture:

Church drawing:

Choosing between 2 guys illustration:

Split path:


Commisioning photo:

Just Married:


Eiffel Tower:


Eiffel Tower dinner:

Paris Attacks:

Paris Attacks night:

Ted stage:



Sources (Information):