Attendance (24 points)

Participation (60 points)

Pre-Class Responses (50 points)

Two Exams (100 points)


To pass this course, students are expected to complete all assessments and assignments listed below.

Please Note: Assessments may change over the course of the semester based on student feedback and/or professor evaluation of the usefulness and effectiveness of an assignment.

All changes to the assessments will be reflected on the course website,, and announced in class or via email.

See Grading Details for info regarding individual grade sheets, points per assignment, and letter and numeric grades.

Attendance (24 points)

Attendance is taken each class via an attendance photo ten minutes after the start of class. You are expected to attend every class.

Missed Classes

However, I recognize that emergencies occur, your alarm may not go off, you may miss a bus, or you may need to dedicate time to your own physical, mental, or emotional well-being.

You are therefore allowed to miss two regular classes without penalty and without a need for explanation. No MCs or any other documentation are necessary.

If you miss more than two classes (even if you have an MC or another excuse), your attendance and participation grades will be impacted which may in turn may affect your final grade.

Late Policy

If you arrive more than 10 minutes after the start of class, you are considered late.

Please note that points may be deducted from your overall attendance and participation grades if you are consistently late.

Participation (60 points)

How to Gain Participation Points

Gain twenty points by doing ONE of the following elements:

A. Speaking in the large group in class at least once

B. Chatting with me (your prof) when I sit in on small-group discussions

C. Meeting with me (your prof) one-on-one to discuss course content (not just assignments)

Gain 40 points by including MOST of these elements:

A. Carefully listening to peers during small-group discussions

B. Think eye contact, note-taking, non-verbal cues

C. Clearly paying attention to the professor during lectures and explanations

D. Voicing ideas, questions, and perspectives in small-group discussions with your peers

E. Completing in-class writing prompts

F. Submitting questions through the forms on class pages or through your own blog.

G. Taking publicly viewable notes on your blog

H. Sharing a resource related to class content on your blog

I. Emailing or speaking with me (your prof) after class regarding class content, assignments, and other topics of interest.

How to Lose Participation Points

The following activities will hinder you from gaining participation points:

  • Not showing up to class or showing up consistently late
  • Consistent use of technology for non-class purposes 
  • Disrespectful behavior toward peers or professor, online or in the classroom
  • Not joining in class activities

Pre-Class Responses (50 points)

What are they?

Short, paragraph responses to the primary source readings. (The readings due for each class.)

What should I write in my response? 

To complete your response:

1. Choose a quote or brief passage from the reading due for class.

2. Explain why you think this quote is important or interesting.

How long should my Response be?

Your answer should be at least THREE sentences but no more than SIX sentences in length.

Due to the number of students in the three sections this semester, please be aware I will stop reading after the sixth sentence. (Possibly before if you're one of those people who uses semi-colons excessively... )

Where should I submit my response?

Responses should be submitted on the blog you created for this class.

When are they due?

Responses are due at the start of class - to the minute. (So, if you're in the noon class, the response must be posted by 11:59 am.)

The reason for the strict deadline is due to the purpose of the assignment, which is to encourage students to prepare ahead to discuss the primary sources.

There are no make-up options.

How many Will I complete?

Each student will submit 10 responses.

Each student will only submit one response per week, however. Students will be divided into a group "A" and group "B" for scheduling purposes only.

The deadlines for each group can be found on the Class Calendar.

Please note: Even though responses are only due once per week, all students are expected to complete all of the readings.

How will responses be graded?

Important Details

Each pre-class response is worth five points.

I will drop the lowest grade. (Yes, this means you could skip one...)

The final five points of the score will be awarded, at my discretion, for improvement in pre-class responses over the course of the semester.


Responses will be graded on a five point scale:

5 = Ooh! Insightful.

4 = Great job.

3 = Well done, but room for improvement.

2 = Meets requirements of assignment, but with significant errors.

1 = Submitted something on time, but with major errors (including grammar and spelling).

0 = Nothing submitted on time.

These grades will be recorded in your individual grade books (see Grading Details). You will also receive comments on your blog from me for your first two responses.

When will responses be graded?

I typically grade on Fridays and Saturdays, but may need to adjust that schedule as the semester picks up. Thanks in advance for your patience! 😊

Can I see what other students write?

If their blogs are public, yes.

There will be a list of all of the public blogs once everything is up and running. I'll also give a brief tutorial on how to use RSS feeds if you want an easier way to keep up with posts.

The structure of this class encourages student collaboration, so you are encouraged to read other students' posts.

That being said, there's great benefit to processing on your own first. I'd encourage you to write your post before reading other responses.

Two Exams (100 points)

How much are the exams worth?

Each exam is worth 50 points.

When are the exams?

Exam 1

  • L01/02: Wednesday, 11 October
  • L03: Thursday, 12 October

Exam 2

  • L01/02: Monday, 20 November
  • L03: Thursday, 16 November

What will the format of exams be?

Both exams will be open book.

  • You may bring printed copies of slides, notes, and primary sources.
  • Please do not bring printed material from Wikipedia or other websites.
  • So, course materials only.

The exams will consist of:

  • Multiple choice questions (20 points)
  • One essay question. (30 points)
  • You'll have a choice of what to write about.

Exams may be typed or written.

  • If typing, you will be asked to turn off your wifi and close all windows before opening the exam document.

Please note that any plagiarism or dishonesty on the exams will result in:

  • Automatic failure of the exam OR the class.
  • Inability to use printed materials for Exam 2.

How much time will I have to complete the exams?

The regular class period - 90 minutes.