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Tentative Participation Grades & Next Steps

Just a quick note that I've added tentative participation grades. Emphasis on TENTATIVE. I would be very pleased to revise the grade in two weeks. So here's how this works.

Step 1: Check your gradebook to view participation grade.

Step 2: If grade is less than 60 points, do a quick self check. Have I...?

  • Actively listened to people (classmates) sharing ideas [as in, not interrupted, not talked over, not prevented others from speaking]?
  • Focused on the quality of your statements, not just the quantity?
  • Taken notes (paper or electronic)?
  • Tweeted for entry and exit quizzes each class?
  • Posed a question or sharing an idea in class or online?
  • Shared a website or article with the class?
  • Messaged or spoken with me about class content, assignments, and other topics of interest?
  • Fulfilled my own #participlan?

Step 3: If you have done most/all of the expected elements of participation, check your attendance. A deduction may have been made for numerous of absences or consistently late arrival. [This is a good time to tell me if I missed a mark for you too...]

Step 4: If attendance is fine, check entry/exit tweets. Those are rolled into participation, so if that's been inconsistent, it may have impacted your participation grade. [It's also possible I missed multiple tweets from you - do tell me if that's the case.]

Step 5: If you're still unsure/would like to do better, now come check in with me - via DM, Twitter, email, or in person. Like I said - happy to revise, but let's chat about what that would involve. 



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