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Sample Pre-Class Response

The following is an example of a Pre-Class Response. It is meant as a GUIDELINE and NOT as a TEMPLATE.

In other words, you can find your own style. As long as a quote is present and the response is 3-6 sentences long, all's well.


Rangi and Papa had six sons: Tane-mahuta, the father of the forests and their inhabitants; Tawhiri-ma-tea, the father of winds and storms; Tangaroa, the father of fish and reptiles; Tu-matauenga, the father of fierce human beings; Haumia-tikitiki, the father of food that grows without cultivation; and Rongo-ma-tane, the father of cultivated food.”


A few intriguing things here! 

First, different parts of existence have different fathers - even “food that grows without cultivation” and “food that grows with cultivation” have different origins.

Second, humans are “fierce human beings” in this quote - but there is a “multitude of humans” revealed when Heaven and Earth are separated. Are these two different categories of humans or just a change in expression?

Finally, while inhabitants of the forest are mentioned, they aren’t named as clearly as the fish and reptiles. Could this imply greater familiarity with fish and reptiles than forest animals from the people who composed this text?

Heather Bennett

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