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Post 1 Comments

Post 1 comments are graded! I skimmed through all of your comments and granted credit based on the number of comments and whether or not comments included both encouragement + suggestions for improvement. Comments that didn't meet that second requirement were granted half credit provided you made some effort in at least one of your comments to suggest improvements. (So 6 just positive comments does not equal 3 pros/cons comments...)

Here's how to parse the points:

10 pts = 3 pros/cons comments

8.5 pts = 2 pros/cons comments + 1 just positive comment

6.75 pts = 2 pros/cons comments or 1 pros/cons + 2 just positive

5 pts = 1 pros/cons comment + 1 just positive

3.5 pts = 1 pros/cons comment or 2 just positive

If I missed something, send me a DM or email with a list of the posts you commented on. I will happily review and revise points if I overlooked or misread a comment.

If you did not score full points this time, please take note of where things fell short and do better next time. :)  

Heather Bennett

Professor, feminist, sci-fi geek. Historian interested in pedagogy, technology, gender/sexuality, archives, pop culture, medicine, intellectual history, world history.