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Mid-Semester Announcements

Since I ran out to time in class today, here's what I meant to tell you. Tweet or leave questions in the comments if clarification is needed :)

Column 1 is based on some of your individual feedback:

  • As you revise, please add tags to your posts. At the very least, add a tag that names the civilization you're writing about (e.g., "Rome" or "Medieval Europe") so we can easily find related posts.
  • As some of you discovered, editing simultaneously makes a mess. Alas, Squarespace is not Google Docs. :( You'll need to coordinate your editing schedules.
  • A link w/ instructions to add quote blocks in your posts.
  • And I think for the most part group communication is good! Some of you will want to clear up miscommunications and schedules for completing work for posts 2 & 3 though.

Column 2 is some feedback from me:

  • I'm still only seeing one primary source tweet from some of you when you submit with Group A or B. It must be two tweets about your own ideas to gain full credit.
  • A reminder to make Twitter better and exercise respect. I saw some not-so-respectful language/word choice is some earlier tweets...
  • Hurrah for persistence! So many of you had font issues or were confused with Squarespace for Post 1 BUT you didn't give up or complain - you figured out how to make it work. I love that! 👏🎉❤️

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