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For the Instagram Posts

Thank you summer. #berrypicking #conbeersfarm #adirondackbeauty

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This is my Instagram feed! (Don't judge - I haven't used it in forever)

Squarespace and Instagram do not play well together on this sort of collaborative blog. Here's what I recommend doing so your feed is front and center on the HWC posts:

1. Lead with one of your images - like above. (You can embed a single image more easily than a whole feed.)

2. Follow with a bordered box containing a title hyperlinked to your feed. It will look like the box above. To create this bordered block:

  • Insert a Markdown Block.
  • Add the following code: <div class="coolBorder"></div>
  • Add the title/text you want to point people to your feed: <div class="coolBorder">Title/Text I want to use</div>
  • Hyperlink that Title/Text using the link button in the Markdown Block.
  • Add formatting code - <center> and <h2> will give you the same formatting as the example here.

3. Add references at the bottom - the neater the better. I recommend writing out text (Author/Creator, Title, Date maybe) and then hyperlinking the text to your sources.

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