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How to check grades...

Here's the deal on how to calculate your mid-semester grade and check on how you're doing in the course at the moment:

Add the Current Potential Points for:

  • Attendance (13 pts)
  • Primary Source Tweets (20 pts)
  • Topic Consultation (25)
  • Blog Post 1 (75)
  • Post 1 Comments (30)
  • Individual Feedback (5)

The total should be 168 POINTS.

If I've Graded your Discussion Reflection(s)

If you currently have a grade on your first Discussion Reflection, add another 30 points to the Current Potential Points. (Total = 198 POINTS).

If you've completed both DRs, add 60 points. (Total = 228 POINTS)

Check the gradebook for: 

Your current Total Points. Divide your Total Points by the relevant Current Potential Points. Move the decimal point to the right two places (or multiply by 100) for your current percentage.

For example: My Total Points slot in the Gradebook reads 152. I have not received a grade for a discussion reflection, so my Current Potential Points are 168.

152 divided by 168 multiplied by 100 = 90.48%. This is an A- in the Grade Scale for UGC 111.

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