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Grading the Pre-Class Responses

Happy Saturday, ya'll! 

I'm beginning to grade the Class 4 Pre-Class Responses. A few notes to help you understand what you're seeing:

1.  Comments from me will appear on your blog. This means you can also reply to me there if you have questions. :)

Added Note for Tumblr Users: Tumblr makes it tricky to comment right after following a person. In most cases, I sent you a message on Tumblr with your comments. Please check your inbox. And if you have a sec, please reply to confirm you received my comments. :)

2. The score for the post will appear the Grades link on Hello World Civ. Scroll down to "Pre-Class Responses" and look for the mark in Class 4. 

I'll be grading Group A first because they have a response coming up on Monday/Tuesday. I'll also grade in the order the classes occur - L01, L02, L03.

My plan is to complete the grading between now and Monday morning. [EDIT: Some of the grades won't be finished until Tuesday...]

Please be patient if your grade seems a little slow in coming.

As always, let me know if you have any questions!

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